Strategic Planning & Change Management

Efficiency is doing things right.  Effectiveness is doing the right things.  Greatness is efficient effectiveness. 

Doing things right:  PDCA, Scrums, sprints… Making action plans, completing a schedule, meeting deadlines, tweaking the process.  Experts in each field will tell you that having a high performing, highly engaged team who communicate effectiviely to focus on the same things at the same time  is critical to the success of each of these processes.

Doing the right things:  Thousands of business owners and executives willingly spend 60 or 70 hours a week on their business, and yet they never seem to feel in control.  They sweat every customer complaint, each month’s financial results, and dig in even harder to take action to complete their to-do lists.

What if there are so many items on to-do lists that they’ll all never get done?  Are there a few things that would make a huge difference if everyone could focus on them at the same time?

Setting strategic priorities is a must for every business to succeed, whether it’s a company of 1 or 10,000.
SynRG consults with small businesses  and autonomous departments of large businesses on developiing the focus and engagment around key issues that make a big difference.  With SynRG, the process is:

•    Simple but not easy
•    Intelligent but not obvious
•    Attainable but not automatic

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