Executive Coaching

As a responsible leader in an increasingly demanding world, if you aren’t getting what you want out of life, you can be sure the people around you aren’t getting what they need either.

Jackie White is adept at demonstrating how personal strategic planning and branding can positively impact the executive, professional or entrepreneur who

  •  feels overwhelmed
  •  runs into a familiar obstacle
  •  has lost the passion behind their work
  •  is in transition to another functional area
  •  is struggling to maintain work and life balance

Jackie is practical and compassionate in her approach – she doesn’t fall back on the “change your life” tactics often seen in magazines and TV shows. Expect enhanced self-awareness with real action steps — and expect to be held accountable even when it hurts.

Discerning men and women who engage her will benefit from a plan that will launch powerful change.

Is SynRG’s Executive Coaching experience a good fit for you?

  • Are you driven by your own commitment or external sources?
  • Will you make  Executive Coaching a top priority in  the time and effort for at least 6 weeks?
  • Do you value success more than being right?
  • Do you accept that changing your own behavior will impact the circumstances regardless of what or who created the issues?
  • When there are issues, are you willing to look to yourself for answers before looking to others?
  • Are you willing to work hard to change unproductive personal habits?

Complete and return for a response.

What format should this take?  A link to survey monkey?  

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