Delegate one responsibility you have never been comfortable delegating before.  Whether large or small, stretch your comfort level.  But be sure to limit the risk and monitor the process not the results. Notice your own reactions. Remember, it is a learning experience for you as well!

Example:  Max put the PowerStep principle into practice. One of his team leaders, Jean, had mentioned a new setup idea that she had. This time Max walked out to the machine with her and they discussed the details. He wasn’t sure it would work but saw the possibilities.

They agreed to try her idea on a short run, without a fixed deadline. They mapped out the process including a contingency plan if it did not work.  Max stayed in his office while Jean followed the plan! 

It worked!  Now, with a few changes, Jean has implemented her full plan. The plan reduced setup time for that machine by one fourth – and increased production output by 6%.

It’s not just mistakes that are costly.  Hesitation to act goes right to your bottom line.